Antique Estate Auction

Saturday June 17th

Selling a Fabulous Buffalo Estate of Antiques including over 100 paintings (artists including: Robert Blair, Tony Sisti, Mykola Nedilko, Schwei Khard, James Childs, Phillipe AJ Brault, Spiegelman, Schovoton, Bruce Kurland, Melancon, Willer Jorgensen, Edward Clhoff, Pietro Annigoni, Bily Snel, AR Duncan, P. Costa, AB Jefferson, M. Silvestri, Ribak, Robert Scalise, J.C. Litz, John Mielcarek, Yerger F. Fenis, Louis Eilshemius, V.T. Humber, Philip Burke, Kaelin, Mary S. Bernriher, Carl Zilsberger, Middleburg, H. Polar, Cesequab, Telo, Dan Anderson, Desbecken, John Joy, Earle, Joe Whalen, Charles Burchfield), Hershel Carousel Horse, Crank Telephones, Early sporting equipment, sporting cards & magazines, comic books, collection of black collectibles, Erte’ bronzes, group of early cast iron toys, glass, china, pottery, postcards, stamps, pewter, oriental rugs, phonograph, group of cap guns, lamps, clocks, large group of Asian items and much more!  


For questions on auction photos, please refer to the lotted number on the photo.
Email us at or call 716-759-8483

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